Sustainable Materials 

Each suit is made out of ECONYL® yarn, a 100% regenerated nylon fiber made from nylon waste which would otherwise pollute the Earth, such as, fishing nets, carpet flooring, and industrial plastics which, through a radical regeneration and purification process are recycled right back to its original purity. We also use Repreve, which is made out of recycled materials, including plastic bottles, and occasionally use deadstock materials, which are fabrics that would be headed towards a landfill.

We also use direct to fabric printing to reduce excessive resources wasted in the typical process of dying and printing materials and love to collaborate with female artists to create unique, one-of-a-kind custom prints! 

Small Batch Production and Classic Pieces

We do small batch production to encourage reduced material waste, and a majority of suits are in classic, fun colors to encourage slow fashion. We want these pieces to last you a long time and be worn and loved for a long time! 

Less Fabric Waste 

We use our fabric scraps to make cute earrings, scrunchies, and even to patch up old swimwear and give it new life so no scraps go to waste! 

Repair Program

We want you to be able to wear these suits for a long time, so if you break a strap or have a minor repair, we will give you a $5 store credit to get it fixed near you or you can send it back to us and we will repair it for you! Though we would prefer you do it close to home, to avoid the back and forth shipping (which would need more carbon offset!) 

Recycle Program

We would love to be able to close the loop and are currently searching for a way to recycle old swimsuits, but until then, the best thing you can do is keep your swimsuit as long as possible and keep it out of the trash/ landfills. As we all know, even though these are made of recycled plastics, plastic is still, well, plastic. It doesn't degrade and it will sit in the landfill for years and years, so we encourage you all to make the most use out of your swimsuit and if you are truly done with it, donate it (in gently loved conditions) to Bras For A Cause! Or take a page from our book, and find creative ways to repurpose it, like making hair ties, patching old swimsuits, or giving it to a friend who might enjoy it.

Sustainable Care Instructions

The best way to wash your swimsuit would be to hand wash in cold water and dry in the shade, which not only saves water and energy but will extend the life of your swimsuit. We also recommend getting a Guppy bag, Coraball, or using a laundry bag if you do decide to wash your suit in the laundry to prevent the inevitable microshedding plastics from getting into the water ways.

Carbon Offsetting 

We offer carbon offset purchasing at checkout and also donate a portion of profits every quarter to Trees for the Future, One Tree Planted, and Coral Gardeners. These programs help balance our carbon offsets, and Trees for the Future also helps farmers and their families plant things that will help them thrive for a sustainable future for years to come. 


All of your orders come in compostable packaging, with a thank you card made of recycled materials. We try to avoid excessive bags, tags, and labels to reduce waste and because too many tags can be annoying AND wasteful! So you only have to deal with one hang tag per piece, which is also made of recycled materials.