Feature Friday Story Series: Pauline Salas, Skater, Surfer, Model & All-Around Sweetheart!

Back by popular demand: Our story series!

Today's feature is none other than @cariuma surf/ skate extraordinaire and all around awesome gal, Pauline Salas (@myworldaspauline)! We think you'll enjoy her sunshine vibes as much as we do. Read on for more on this sunshine, groovy gal based in Venice, CA!


Pauline skating in our Retro Floral Tube Top and Jazzy Bottoms in Marigold


Where are you from?

I am originally from France but I grew up coming to the US and moved to Florida for college. I am now located in Los Angeles, California!


What is your current occupation and how did you get started in it?

I currently model for different companies (usually with my skateboard) and also teach skateboarding lessons with my carver in Venice Beach, California.

 pauline skating

Pauline skating downhill in her Do Good Retro Tube Top

How/when did you start surfing or skating?

I started surfing about a year ago but I’m still learning. My main thing is skating, even though I only started in November 2021, I completely fell in love with the sport and started doing it everyday! And I am so grateful that I am able to make a living out of it now!


How has surfing/skating affected you/ your life?

Skating makes me feel so powerful! It’s like I am one with my board! I started skating after a bad break up so it was like a therapy for me! I’ve found myself through skateboarding, and I've met so many amazing people along the way!



That's amazing! We love the empowerment that surfing and skating can bring to life and the inspiration it brings to women everywhere. What inspires you? 

God’s creations inspire me! The ocean is so powerful and is one of the strongest things on earth! As a surfer, you have to learn to respect the ocean! And if I had to pick a person who inspires me, I would pick Bethany Hamilton! 


Us too! Any fun surf/skate stories (major wipeouts, aha moments, funny stories, etc.): 

 A couple weeks ago, during sunset, I was doing my usual line in the snakerun and a tourist asked me to do a different line for the picture and even though I felt very uncomfortable, I still did it and, well, I face planted! It was scary but I only ended with small bruises and a busted lip! I was so scared because 4 days after the fall I had a big modeling job! Vaseline saved my lips LOL.


Pauline in our Pauline Surf Top! (named after her!)


Biggest lesson learned (life or surfing/skating?):

You can only trust yourself in life! And skate and surf for yourself and not for others! 


Any advice/tips for newbies? 

Learn how to fall! Don’t take yourself too seriously and HAVE FUN!!

Pauline skating the Venice Bowl in our Daisy Top 

Absolutely! Favorite post skate/surf snack?

Dried mangos from Trader Joe’s and Acai bowls. Yummmm.

If you could listen to a song out there to pump you up to surf/ skate, what would it be? 

Maggie May by Rob Stewart


Love it! Thanks so much for your time and the wise words, Pauline! To learn more about Pauline, find her on Instagram and TikTok @myworldaspauline or catch her skating and crushing the bowl at world renowned Venice Beach. 


Who should we interview for our next one? Let us know!