Spring Collection 2020

Hi everyone!

For our Spring 2020 collection, we decided to continue our love affair with slow fashion and keep things very simple. We've released just a few limited quantity items that we hope will bring some fun and brightness into your lives. 

The truth about our collection inspo: We grew up dancing along to music videos with our friends, watching P. Diddy throwing all- white ensembled bashes on his yacht and Beyonce shakin' her thang all around tropical islands. This collection is our prequel to summer and an homage to spring and our youth. We sincerely hope you enjoy it!

On a more serious note, we are so grateful to continue ridin' this small business train during such a tumultuous time and we hope everyone is finding the time to re-connect with loved ones with all the awesome technology we have, letting life slow down a bit, resting and eating well (immunity boosting!), and staying safe and healthy during this crazy time in the world! 



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