First Month in Business!

First Month in Business!

Featured Do Good Girl @ashley.neelands rocking the Coco triangle top and Jazzy highwaist bottoms in our first collection! Join us in the fight to look good, do good, and feel good. Every purchase gives back to the ocean, plants a tree, and helps girl/women survivors of abuse get mental health treatment and return to getting their education. 

In the one month that the store has been launched, we were able to:

Plant 36 trees!

Help 5 women survivors living in a shelter get their education! 


Recycle about 100 plastic bottles! 

Absolutely amazing! 

Thank you for the continued support and wishing...



We believe that brands can do more good in the world to make it a better place by making items sustainably and through repurposing recycled waste materials, making sure workspaces are providing the right work/life balance and opportunities, and doing more than just giving people a product to use and throw away. We believe your hard earned dollars don't have to solely go to profit someone else, and that if we all put in the efforts, we could really make a difference for the earth and for the life of others. We want your purchase to have meaning and make you look good AND feel good!